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ATTENTION EVERYONE:  Our next meeting will be held at 7:00PM on Wednesday April 8th, 2015.  The location for this meeting will be Middle Village Pasta & Grill located at 334 Main Street Middleburgh NY. Food and refreshments are available.



We are sad to have to close all trails for the season, due to the obvious lack of snow. There is no need to damage land or machines trying to ride and maintain trails with marginal snow conditions. Thanks to everyone for a very good year...however it is time to start on next years trails already. We are in the process of trying to improve our grooming fleet. More details to come. 

Registrations and vouchers



 Greetings Everyone!!


Most of us will soon receive our SNOWMOBILE REGISTRATION RENEWAL APPLICATIONS from DMV in the mail and it will be time to renew ~ Now!!!  In order for the club to receive the credit, you need to process the membership and renewal.  To join the Middleburgh Ridge Runners, please go to our website and follow the instructions  www.middleburghridgerunners.net   or go to the New York State Snowmobile Association( NYSSA) website by going to www.nysnowmobiler.com and clicking on the BIG GREEN BUTTON at the upper left..  In order to be eligible for the $55 discount per sled, you must belong to a snowmobile club that is a member of NYSSA.  Once you pay the full amount of $100 to DMV, there are NO REFUNDS from this You must show proof of membership in a club to receive the discount and this proof is a "voucher".  Please click on the following link to join or renew your membership today and receive your voucher.  All you need is your credit card to complete this renewal online before your snowmobile registration  comes due   https://membership.nyssnowassoc.org/club/show/835  or you can join your club or renew online


  ~  If all of this fails, please feel free to contact  me (Barb) ~ 518-827-4016  fechtne@midtel.net  ~ PLEASE TRY TO FIGURE THIS OUT BY YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU CONTACT US  ~  we don't mind helping you but we are busy too.  REMEMBER, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND FROM DMV IF YOU PAY THE FULL REGISTRATION FEE OF $100 To be eligible for a $55 reduced fee per sled, you (1) must be a member of the club, (2) have your NYSSA voucher and (3) complete the DMV Registration renewal along with $45 per sled and send it to DMV.  BIG NEWS!! The NYS DMV has made Online Snowmobile Registration available for New York State Residents, effective this week!


https://transact.dmv.ny.gov/registrationrenew/?stype=s    < NYS Residents


http://www.dmv.ny.gov/OOSNO/default.html                  < Out of State Registrants


You are able to go online now join a club and register your sled with DMV and print out the Temporary Certificate of Snowmobile Registration

There's a requirement to put in your voucher number (without dashes) in the online renewal form. Something along the lines of 12089010434 (12-0890-10434). That number can be found in the upper right of the voucher. We can now join a club and register our sleds seven days a week!!

  Once again, To be eligible for a $55 reduced fee per sled, you must be a member of the club, have your NYSSA voucher and complete the DMV Registration renewal along with $45 per sled and complete this online or send it to DMV. 


Join the Ridge Runners today! 



The Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club is a family oriented club.  We have planned several fun activities for this coming season and welcome all members, old and new.  Please join us and bring your family for a fun time for all.  We want to have the opportunity to meet everybody and get to know each other.